Making a Windows XP Installer on USB Flash Disk

1. Introduction

The Batch Program USB_MultiBoot.cmd can prepare a Bootable USB-Stick, which can be used for Install of XP from USB.

Install from USB-Drive is of general use, convenient and faster than Install from CD or DVD, but is limited to computers that are bootable from USB, as determined by BIOS and Motherboard.

Updating and Changing an USB-stick is also easier than preparing a new Bootable CD or DVD. Install of XP from USB is very useful when the computer has no optical drive, like HP 2133 Mini-Note PC, ASUS Eee subnotebook and the like.

Preparing a Bootable USB-Drive with USB_MultiBoot.cmd Involves:
  • Format USB-stick like a Bootable Harddisk Drive with NTLDR BootSector using PeToUSB or HP USB Format Tool
  • Select from the Main Menu of USB_MultiBoot.cmd
  1. Give XP Setup Source Folder and give UserData for XP Setup
  2. Give USB-Drive Target
  3. Make Bootable USB-Drive with XP Setup Folders

Install of XP from USB requires to Reboot from USB-Drive and Select from Boot Menu:

  1. Begin TXT Mode Setup Windows XP

You can download the from CD Forum, from BootLand Forum or from a mirror site provided by Siginet.

  1. – CD Forum
  2. – BootLand
  3. – Siginet

After downloading the file from the either of the three links unpack to your local Harddisk in a simple Path without SPACES.

USB_MultiBoot.cmd is Vista Compatible, but requires User Account Control OFF. In this case a BOOTMGR type BootSector is made when Formatting the USB-Drive.

Such Bootsector is Detected and Auto Converted by BootSect.exe to NTLDR type Bootsector required for booting with boot.ini Menu XP as OS is Preferred for Speed of FileCopy to USB (10 min instead of 30 minutes for Vista OS)

Help with Bookmarks is available in the Help_Info Folder in

Use of MultiBoot.cmd and everything in this Guide is COMPLETELY at your own risk.

For more information about making a Windows XP installer using your USB Flash disk can be found at