Windows Vista

Why would someone want to install a client OS from a USB drive instead of a
DVD-ROM or over the network? One reason: Performance. Installing Windows Vista
from a high speed USB flash drive is in my experience the easiest & fastest way
to complete a Windows Vista install. This is much faster than using a DVD, gigabit
ethernet, or possibly even some external USB 2.0 hard drives, due to differences
in access speed & transfer rate.

1. Acquire a 4GB USB Flash Drive or you can use a 4GB memory card (make sure you
have a card reader with you).

2. Format the USB Flash Drive or the memory card.
– You need to launch a “CMD.EXE” program (this is similar to Command Prompt in
other Windows platform).
– At the command prompt do the following sequences:
1.  diskpart
2.  list disk (this will list all the detected disk including your USB drive)
3.  select disk 2 (if your USB drive is in disk 2)
4.  clean
5.  create partition primary
6.  select partition 1
7.  active
8.  format fs=fat32
9.  assign (this will assign new drive letter to your USB drive)
10. exit

NOTE: If in case your USB drive or memory card is recently purchased.
You only need to format it as FAT32. To do that is open windows
explorer then right click the drive letter corresponding to your
USB drive then select format. Once done then you are ready to
proceed to the next step.

3. Insert your Windows Vista DVD and wait until the DVD-ROM is ready.

4. Copy the content of the Windows Vista DVD to your USB Flash Drive or
your memory card. To do that just execute the command at the command prompt.

xcopy d:\*.* h:\ /s/e/f

d: is your DVD-ROM drive
h: is the assign drive letter of your USB drive or memory card

5. Once done, then you are ready to try your creation.

NOTE: Your box should be configured to bootup using USB drive. To do
this you need to access your box BIOS setup.

During the course of the installation, you will notice the differencce of how
fast Windows Vista is installed as compared to using the DVD-ROM. Based from my
personal testing using my very own Lenovo 3000 G230 notebook, it took me to
complete the installation up to login prompt from 5~10 minutes.