The Plot
After venturing into outer space, humanity has built many planetary cities. Most of these cities were affiliated to the Interstellar Federation, and it became the biggest force in the galaxy. Therefore, people believed that the Age of the Federation would last long. However, the situation changes when a clan called “Tytania” secedes from the Federation and receives the title of Lord from the Emperor of Vardhana. Tytania obtains a victory over the Federation, and they assert that the Empire cannot exist without them. Tytania puts most of the Federal Territories under its control, and they hold hegemony in the galaxy. Meanwhile, a war begins between Euria and Tytania over their respective rights and interest. From that moment on, the galaxy enters into a tempestuous period.

The Review
The Tytania direction, plot, music,  everything about this show is awesome. It is very much like Legend of the Galactic Heroes – what with having the same author, direction, studio, etc. after all – but there are still unique touches that mark this as a different work. The power play among the Tytania clan looks to be particularly fascinating. Sure, the art is a little sketchy in places, but that’s nothing. While I didn’t expect a rock song for the ED it works pretty well actually and is becoming a fast favorite. And the OP is literally a space opera! How could anyone not love that?