PDF Unlocker

PDF, or Portable Document Format, is a file format created by Adobe in 1993. PDF is widely used because it is displayed in the same manner irrespective of the software and hardware used, making it very convenient for users on different platforms.

However, the reason why most users choose PDF format today is to provide documents without the risk of being plagiarized, that is, content (text, images etc.) cannot be copied from a PDF file easily. Today, ebooks, containing licensed material are sold, and authors may also choose PDF format to prevent their content being published online as crawlable web pages.

However sometimes you get a PDF file from a friend/colleague or from the Internet that is password protected. Some require a password to open, others have the fonts, images and other content protected and others prohibit you from printing the file. You can of course contact the person concerned to get the password, but there can be plenty of situations where you would want to use a password protected file otherwise! So, here I will try to tell you how to unlock pdf files be it for printing or viewing.

1. PDF unlocker – unlock your PDF files

PDF unlocker is a free tool to unlock your PDF files. The convenience is that it is an offline/desktop software, which requires no internet access. Often, PDF files are published online with passwords to prevent unauthorized access to them. PDF Unlocker can be used to bypass this protection and open password protected PDF files.

2. PDF Crack

PDF Crack is an online PDF unlocking service. You can upload a PDF file, and get back an unlocked and non-restricted version of the same PDF document in a new window. The advantage of PDF Crack is that you do not need to install any software (hence, it can be used on computers where you are not allowed to install software, for example at office).