Casshern Sins

:: The Story ::

In a world where the powerful robot leader known as Braiking Boss rule over humanity with an iron fist, a mysterious girl named Luna is summoned by the people for salvation. To retaliate against this potential threat, Braiking sends 3 of his most powerful cyborgs, Casshern, Dio and Reda to dispose of her. Casshern manages to kill Luna, plunging the world into a slow descent of annihilation. Hundreds of years later, humanity is almost extinct. Robots constantly replace their body parts, fearing the corrosion of rust: their only form of death. In this wretched time and place, Casshern returns after a lengthy disappearance since his murder of Luna. Having lost his memory, Casshern now defends the humans from the robots, and find out his true identity and purpose.

Casshern does not know if he is a man, robot, or neither. In a world of destruction, where humans are rarely found and the last of the robots rust, Casshern wanders, trying to discover his true self. If you exclude the amnesia cliche, the story is very original and engaging. You feel Casshern’s emotions, you feel that somehow he has changed throughout his unknown ordeal, and you feel his sadness and frustration at his inability to control his primal instincts. As he wanders, he encounters many new things, all of which get him closer to discovering the truth of his world. The pace is somewhat slow in the beginning, but it gets quicker and stays generally understandable.

:: The Review ::

This is a promising series from what I have seen so far. I definitely recommend checking Casshern Sins out if you’re looking for something unique. It is a somewhat depressing anime at times, but it is meant to be saddening, so make sure that you watch something lighthearted afterwards. Unless you absolutely love the plot and characters, in which case I’ve done my job well 🙂 I suggest you give this one a shot; you may find something you really like.

The theme song is pretty good, the ending is also above average. Nothing super superb here, but the music is engaging enough to draw you into the anime and feel the emotions of the characters. The ED is a “hopeful” song, one that leaves you with the right emotion instead of destroying the ending mood with a happy go lucky ero ero ending… just what we don’t need. Luckily Casshern Sins doesn’t do this, and the background music is above average as well. Nothing super special here, but its definitely not bad.